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Knitwear Fashion

About us

We are a boutique  knitwear manufacturer. that  design  & make  knitwear Fashion for specialty stores in the US & Europe &  other countries.

The company work with  Israeli, European and American designers.

Our small modern, state of the art factory is located in  the traditional knitwear center of Israel whose manufactures have been supplying their merchandise to stores such as Marks & Spencer, Galleries Lafayette and top of the line such as Bloomingdale and  Neiman Marcus.  

In an age when textile manufacture is moving to the Far East, our team are the best professionals, able and  willing to stay in the business of manufacturing, focusing on high quality & small quantity specialty luxury knitwear .

We offer fashion ponchos cardigans & knitwear dresses for shopping on line, and supply to boutiques or designers  that like to buy small quantities, please contact us at knitwear@london.com